Professional Opportunities

Teaching positions and internships at Echo Hill Outdoor School provide opportunities to learn more about natural sciences and local history; adventure course facilitation and training; residential life; individual and group development; facility care and maintenance including landscaping, gardening, and carpentry; and the restoration and maintenance of historic wooden boats. Instructors gain insight into diverse educational philosophies, participate in professional and curriculum development, and often collaborate in teaching. While there is a strong and established framework for all of the classes taught at Echo Hill, great responsibility is placed on each staff member to plan, execute, and provide the creativity behind every lesson plan and activity.

Qualifications and Background Experience

Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds including education, natural sciences, recreation, environmental and outdoor education, challenge course learning, psychology, human service professionals, history and marine biology. Teachers have extensive experience working with and relating well to children, and they generally possess a Bachelor’s degree. Interns are often 18 to 24 years of age, joining Echo Hill Outdoor School as part of a gap year or as an enrolled undergraduate/graduate student earning fieldwork or practicum experience through their college or university.


Current certifications in American Red Cross First Aid and Professional Rescuer CPR are required. All program staff must participate in a Maryland and FBI criminal history check and USCG and Department of Transportation employee drug-testing program.


Compensation includes a weekly salary. Room and board are a condition of these residential positions. There is potential for extended (ten or twelve month) contracts. All program staff receive one to five weeks (based upon length of commitment) of comprehensive training and professional development. Teambuilding, curriculum, residential care and supervision, risk management, and facility maintenance and upkeep are all parts of Echo Hill Outdoor School’s staff training. A staff medical policy is available.


Echo Hill Outdoor School is a community that thrives on education and stresses genuine concern for others, cooperation, integrity, and enthusiasm for life. Residential teaching positions are available for individuals with initiative, motivation, energy, creativity, and commitment. We welcome applications year-round. Our primary employment start dates are March and late August.

• Plan and teach a variety of classes from all curriculum areas
• Create and implement new course and curriculum ideas
• Supervise all aspects of student residential life including overnights in platform tents or cabins, table heading family-style meals, supervising free time and recreational activities
• Active involvement in the end of week staff program assessment of visiting groups and general operation
• Minimal maintenance duties (upkeep of the campus and facilities)

• Background in education, recreation, environmental/outdoor education, challenge course learning, psychology, human service professions, natural sciences, marine biology or related fields
• Enthusiasm and passion for the environment and students of all ages
• Must work effectively with fellow staff, be able to take initiative, and problem solve

Requirements: Current certifications in American Red Cross First Aid and Professional Rescuer CPR are required. All program staff must participate in a Maryland and FBI Criminal History check and USCG and Department of Transportation employee drug-testing program.

Compensation: The starting salary for an entry level Teacher/Naturalist is $260 - $275 per week depending on additional certifications. School-owned housing and full board are a condition of this residential teaching position. Ten month contracts are available for interested, committed individuals. A staff medical policy is available.

Deadline: Applications are welcome year-round. Primary start dates are in March and late August.

To Apply: Send a cover letter, resume, two phone reference contacts, and two written references to:
Betsy McCown, Associate Director
Echo Hill Outdoor School
13655 Bloomingneck Rd.
Worton, MD 21678
or jobs@ehos.org


Echo Hill Outdoor School, located on Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, is seeking a full time Captain/Educator. Our captains rotate through four historic wooden Chesapeake Bay vessels; a skipjack, a buyboat, and two deadrise workboats. The position provides opportunities beyond the scope of a traditional Captain. Echo Hill's outdoor classes, and residential programs are grounded in our desire to have students live and learn closely with nature. You will take an active role in providing students with positive experiences in the outdoors that are exciting, interesting, and fun.

During the school year, classes are taught aboard the workboats with 12-15 students about Bay ecology, water quality, and the variety of life that exists in the Bay and its surroundings. Tools such as otter trawl nets, plankton tows, Secchi disks, and crab and eel pots help achieve these goals. In summer, the skipjack and buyboat are used to lead 5-day overnight excursions for up to 6 students who live aboard with up to 3 crew, exploring and discovering the Bay and its tributaries.

Shoreside housing and meals are provided during the program year.

Applicants must possess a minimum USCG license of 25 Ton, Inland. Previous experiential education or leadership training experience is preferred.

To Apply: Resumes can be sent to Andrew McCown at andrew@ehos.org.


Summer Food Service Manager/Head Cook Position

Echo Hill Outdoor School, Worton Maryland. Nonprofit outdoor environmental education school on the upper Chesapeake Bay seeks self-motivated, organized, creative and energetic person as head cook and food service director for summer program. Programs are primarily semi-wilderness five and three day camping trips that prepare their own food during the trip. Single and multi-day land based programs take place on the school’s main campus with well-equipped dining hall facility (Harris Hall).

Qualifications: Strong desire to be part of a staff community. Candidate must have prior food service experience (healthy cooking skills imperative) for residential groups. Experience with outdoor education and /or food management is beneficial. Logistical and organizational skills are vital. Attention to detail is essential.
• Standard First Aid and Professional Rescuer CPR certifications are requested.
• Criminal Background check required upon employment.
• Candidate must be self-directed, enthusiastic, an effective time manager, able to communicate and work cooperatively with a staff of 25.
• Position is Primarily Monday through Friday, with some weekend days (hours vary weekly).

*Provide family style meals for small residential groups (10 – 25, occasional weekly seatings
of 50 – 70 people).
*Plan meals/menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
*Coordinate with directors and handle all ordering, purchasing and availability of necessary food.
(Serving local produce as often as possible is a priority.)
*Oversee menu planning and food packing for 3 and 5 day camping trips.
*Prepare meals, serve, properly store and thoroughly clean up after mealtime.
*Supervise and orient various program staff as they rotate into kitchen assistant role.
*Maintain safe food handling standards during preparation and storage.
*Maintain cleanliness of kitchen areas (counters, floors, walk-in, freezer, dry storage, floors, trash
and recycling. Supervise others in this process).

Contract Dates and Benefits: Personal Interview Required.
Flexible start and end dates: June 1 – 9 through August 20 – 30, 2017.
Ten – twelve week full time position.
Weekly pay varies, $400.00-$600.00 based on qualifications, experience and program demands.
Communal housing with program staff is an option (room and board).
Staff medical reimbursement plan available at a cost of $9.00/week.

To Apply: Send resume and three reference contacts to:
Betsy Z. McCown
Echo Hill Outdoor School
13655 Bloomingneck Road
Worton MD 21678
Phone: 410 – 348 – 5880
E-mail: jobs@ehos.org

Internship Opportunities

Interns at Echo Hill Outdoor School work with children of a wide variety of age levels, assist with instructional classes across all curriculum areas, and are given unique opportunities to grow as educators. Interns are most often college students obtaining practical field training to earn academic credit from their college or university. Other individuals who take advantage of our internship program include young adults taking a gap year between high school and college, or candidates interested in pursuing a new career path in outdoor experiential education.

Gap Year/Undergraduate/Graduate Student Internships

• High School Service Learning/Senior Project Internships
Interested high school students may contact jobs@ehos.org for more information.


Echo Hill Outdoor School provides residential learning experiences designed to introduce and acclimate children to the outdoors and foster awareness of and respect for themselves, each other and their environment. The program is flexible so as to meet the needs of a wide range of students, typically 3rd through 9th grade, from both public and private schools.

We are seeking motivated, energetic individuals who believe in the value of environmental education for children, enjoy being in the outdoors, and are committed to their personal growth as educators.

Internship Duties and Responsibilities
• Assist the teaching staff with all aspects of the school curriculum including planning, co-teaching and assessing classes.
• Overnight tent or cabin responsibility for groups of seven to ten children during the length of their stay (two to five days).
• Assist teaching staff in the supervision of students at all times (during meals, free time, etc).
• Assist in the creation and implementation of new course and curriculum ideas.
• Active involvement in the end of week staff assessment of visiting groups and general operation.
• Minimal maintenance duties (upkeep of the campus and facilities), a responsibility of all our staff.
• Completion of a special project of the intern’s design.
Interns are encouraged to create their own goals and objectives for their experience. The internship should be integrated into the intern’s course of study. It is extremely beneficial for the intern to maintain a journal throughout their tenure at Echo Hill.

Orientation, Supervision, and Evaluation provided during the Internship
• The Intern will be given a complete overview of the organizations functions and how their role as an intern will relate to the work of others.
• An educational guideline will be created by the Intern and the Supervisor to ensure that the needs of both are met and understood.
• The Intern will have weekly meetings with a staff member. Constructive feedback is an integral aspect of these evaluations.
• When applicable, contact with the Intern’s college or university is made on a regular basis.

Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students with coursework in environmental science, biology, recreation, education, adventure learning and related fields. Experience working with children of all ages is desired. Residential experience is beneficial.

Please provide a cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation and two telephone references to:

Echo Hill Outdoor School Betsy Zelter McCown
13655 Bloomingneck Rd Associate Director
Worton, MD 21678 Email: jobs@ehos.org
Telephone: (410) 348-5880  

Fall (Late August through November)………………..……..July 15th
Spring (March through June)………………………….…..February 15th
Summer (June through August)…………………………...April 15th
Full and Part Time positions are available for all seasons.


Echo Hill Outdoor School provides residential learning experiences designed to introduce and acclimate children to the outdoors and foster respect for and awareness of themselves, each other and their environment. Course areas include: Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay conducted on historic work boats, Swamp Ecology including Swamp Canoe and Swamp Walks; Group and Individual Development on our low and high ropes adventure course; Outdoor Skills in classes like Orienteering and Survival; and History and the Human Environment with classes such as Early American Studies and the “Mystery Tour”, an exploration of the cultural and historical landscape of Kent County.

The program is flexible so as to meet the needs of a wide range of students, typically 3rd through 9th grade, from both public and private schools.

Responsibilities include: co-teaching of courses with experienced staff, creation and implementation of new curriculum ideas, overnight tent or cabin duty for groups of seven to ten students, supervision of students, and assisting with special programs and events.

Qualifications: Individuals pursuing careers in the areas of education, recreation, and other related work are encouraged to apply. We are seeking motivated, energetic individuals with creativity and commitment.

Benefits: Full room and board are a condition of this residential position.
A small weekly stipend is included.

Annual Sessions: Spring (March through June), Summer (June through August), and Fall (Late August through November). Application deadlines are February 15th, April 15th and July 15th respectively.

To Apply: If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding experience please contact:

Betsy Zelter McCown, Associate Director
Echo Hill Outdoor School
13655 Bloomingneck Road
Worton, Maryland 21678

Administrative Opportunities

None at this time.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day like?

Days at Echo Hill Outdoor School are busy. On a typical day, Echo Hill staff members teach two three-hour classes, participate in an evening activity, and supervise breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At night they read stories or sing songs to a tent of students before going to bed. Throughout the week, staff may participate in campus work or focus on a responsibility area for a three-hour work block. The school's program design may be adapted to meet the needs of groups ranging from business executives to first graders, but the majority of the programming is focused on the middle school age level. Depending on their comfort level, staff members may find themselves responsible for teaching a wide variety of classes, ranging from Bay Studies which is conducted on one of the school's historic work boats to an Adventure I class on the school's low and high element challenge course.

What are staff members' residential responsibilities?

The residential aspect of Echo Hill Outdoor School is an integral a part of each student's experience. Staff members can expect to spend most of their weekday nights sleeping in the tents with children. Teachers and interns also supervise students at meals.

When is there time to relax?

Everyone at Echo Hill Outdoor School will agree that life at School is demanding. Three-hour teaching blocks and residential responsibilities every day leave most staff tired at the end of the week and looking forward to the weekend for relaxation. During a typical week staff members will have one three-hour teaching block free each week. Because the pace at Echo Hill is intense, flexibility and a willingness to live and work closely with other people are beneficial traits for prospective staff members.

What is the social life like at Echo Hill Outdoor School?

The School is located in a scenic but relatively isolated environment. Program staff entertain themselves on campus in a variety of ways, including everything from fishing, beach bonfires, and dinner parties to the annual Rockfish Festival. Opportunities for off-campus entertainment exist 20 minutes away in Chestertown, MD, home of Washington College. Chestertown is a small college town with rich colonial history. Beyond Chestertown, staff members make trips to Annapolis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington DC during their weekends.

Are all positions at Echo Hill Outdoor School seasonal?

There are opportunities for contracts ranging from three to ten months during the first year of employment, and more extensive contracts are available after the first year. A typical season's staff is composed of teachers who have been here from one season to twenty years. Many staff members elect to stay for one to three years.