2012 Legacy Campaign

About the Campaign

In 2012, Echo Hill Outdoor School embarked on a special effort to celebrate our 40th anniversary. The Legacy Campaign launched a new era of philanthropic support for the school as we began the expansion of outreach to alumni and other supporters that built upon our traditional sources of revenue. Not only was the campaign a fitting way to celebrate our 40 years of success but it helps build for the future and is an important means to keep our tuition revenue at competitive levels. Success with The Legacy Campaign will enable us to do so. Even though much of our programming occurs in the beautiful natural environment adjacent to or on the Chesapeake Bay, there are still special operations, maintenance, and program needs of an organization that services over 6,000 student-participants annually. We have identified certain priorities that will help us meet those needs and allow us to continue to offer a high quality and meaningful experience.

Legacy Campaign to Continue

Buoyed by early success in 2012, the Legacy Campaign will continue as a special fund raising effort attempting to meet all the goals as outlined in the original plan but adjusted to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

Legacy Campaign Contributions at Work

  • Thanks to a major grant from the France Merrick Foundation of Baltimore, we were able to replace the roofs on our student dorms, France and Merrick Halls, as well as encapsulating the crawl spaces beneath each, providing additional energy efficiencies and greater moisture control. Next up are replacement of the HVAC equipment with energy efficient systems, new carpet and paint, and installation of drinking fountains.
  • Through the generosity of our supporters, we were able to effectively recruit and train a notable and accomplished class of teacher/naturalists that complemented our veteran staff.
  • Our historic fleet of vessels benefited as well with important maintenance, enabling them to serve another year of invaluable service to our Bay Studies, Chesapeake Heritage Initiative and Summer Explore programs .
  • Especially gratifying were the subsidies were able to provide to public schools so their students could attend EHOS.
  • Campaign support also helped immensely with a myriad of infrastructure and equipment maintenance. Even though we experienced unexpected clean-up expense with the June, 2012 derecho storm that damaged hundreds of campus trees, we were able to declare last year another successful one for the school.

Legacy Campaign Goals (Priority Goal: $250,000; Challenge Goal: $400,000)

Access to the Experience

Fully 20% of our visiting students and their public school districts require financial assistance to attend EHOS. Each year is a struggle to fill these funding gaps. Yet our programs have a transformational effect on all who attend. We are dedicated to equal access and leaving no student behind. Your gift may make a huge difference here for hundreds of students.

Excellent Teaching

Our greatest resource is our teaching staff, the foundation of our academic and residential programming. Their expertise, commitment, and passion directly impact the quality of each student’s experience. Planned gifts will help ensure recruitment, training and retention remain our highest priority.

Excellent Campus Resources

The Echo Hill Outdoor School Campus, the historic outdoor dining hall, the platform tents, trails through the forest, is part of what makes the experience so memorable. The historic wooden boats, the adventure course, and the swamp boardwalk provide amazing depth to our programming. These important features and others require specialized care to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. While our participants value the opportunity to live for a few days in a rustic setting, unplugged from technology, our programs also benefit immensely from modern technology. A planned gift in this area will support necessary upgrades to EHOS technological infrastructure, allowing our staff to increase their connectivity to clients, curriculum, colleagues, and the community.

Naming Opportunities

These are some of the naming opportunities for those special gifts that provide the bulk of the funding for above named goals:

WHIP (Outside Dining Hall) – Fund current and endow future maintenance needs for this unique historic structure

Tuition Subsidy Fund – Help fund the gap in tuition for needy student-participants

EHOS Program & Operations Fund – Help us recruit and train the “best and brightest” teachers

Boat Maintenance Fund – Help us maintain our unique fleet of Chesapeake Bay work boats for our bay and river ecology, explore and heritage programs

Technology Upgrades – Our remote location creates a challenge to implementing increasingly necessary high-speed internet connectivity. Your gift will help fund the upgrade.

Vehicle Replacement – Help us continue to provide safe and secure transportation to our extended campus programming sites

Maintenance for Teacher Staff Housing – Help ensure that EHOS can provide quality housing for residential teaching staff. You may fund overall maintenance or adopt one of our three teacher housing facilities.

Methods of Giving

• Make a Direct Gift, preferably by check
• Pay Electronically Using our Convenient PayPal Link (found below or throughout our web site)
• Pledge over Two Years (payable quarterly, semi-annually or annually)
• Make a Commemorative or Memorial Gift
• Make a Gift of Appreciated Stock (call for broker transfer instructions)
• Matching Gifts (please check with your employer for their program)
• Make an In-kind Gift of materials or services
• Make a Planned Gift (we can provide sound advice)

Cash and Credit Card Contributions

The most popular way to donate is to make a cash contribution by check or credit card. Echo Hill Outdoor School is a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit educational organization.

By Check

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Thank you for your generosity and support!