Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

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Echo Hill's outdoor classes and residential programs are grounded in our desire to have students live and learn closely with nature. From sensory exploration classes, to canvas platform tents, from the outdoor dining hall, to the dorms surrounded by forest, the philosophy of immersion is present. Our small, hands-on classes provide opportunities for all students to become engaged and participate. Interactions between staff and students in the tent areas, during meals, and in class groups focus on fun, creativity, respect, awareness, understanding, and learning. As teachers and naturalists, we believe that students learn best when they are curious and interested.

Our Method

Trained and qualified Echo Hill teachers use the surrounding outdoor environments as their classrooms. Students explore the forest, meadows, ponds, streams, swamps, marshes, beaches, fields, farms, towns, and the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. In Echo Hill's unique setting, students make personal connections with the subjects they are studying. As students smell, touch, see, hear, and taste to learn, abstract concepts become real, tangible, and visible. With the guidance of the Echo Hill teachers, students learn to observe, incorporate previous knowledge, formulate questions, and draw conclusions.